The Definition of Phishing

Phishing is a sort of online fraud. The fraudster approaches a target or targets via email, phone call, or text message pretending to represent a reliable institution to trick people into disclosing sensitive information. It includes passwords, banking and credit card information, and personally identifiable information. The goal is frequently to get you to visit […]

What Is A Hybrid Phone System?

Hybrid Phone System in Richmond Hill, Toronto

When you place a call, what occurs in the background? You only consider that once you have to configure a phone system for a multi-user environment. A hybrid phone system serves as a transitional stage between a conventional analog phone system and a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone system. A hybrid phone system’s primary goal is typically […]

The Security Risk of not Using Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication in Richmond Hill

Hackers can easily launch cyberattacks with stolen usernames and passwords because many online accounts still don’t use two-factor authentication controls. These controls keep accounts safe. One of the most effective strategies for individual users and larger organizations to help prevent the hacking of their online accounts, even if their login credentials have been leaked or […]

Software Licensing- Why Is It So Important?

Best Software Licensing in Richmond Hill, Toronto

Almost all businesses use different kinds of software to run their business and do things like communicate with employees and vendors. Therefore, most software needs you to agree to its terms and conditions or license before you can use it on any device. But if this software is not licensed, it can hurt the efficiency […]

Is Your Computer on Its Last Legs?

Perfect Office Computer in Richmond Hill, Toronto

If your computer is acting up or keeps breaking down, you might think of buying a new one. But if the problem is with the hardware, it may be possible to fix it. It might be possible to fix it easily and for much less money. This is also the best choice for the environment. […]

Manage Your Business with Better ERP

Best ERP Management in Richmond Hill, Toronto

In the business world, you would probably be looking for ways to improve your operations, cash flow, marketing, and other things. You can do that with Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP. In essence, it is a software category that companies use to control their everyday operations. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help you keep […]

Five Common Warning Signs of Malware on Your Computer

Malware Protection in Richmond Hill, Toronto

Malware viruses are so common in the news that most of us know how bad they can be for businesses that have broken securities. Even so, most of us have had malware infection at some point in our careers. If we’re lucky, the virus has been more of a bother than anything else. Malware, on […]

How to Make Your PC Last Longer

PC in Richmond Hill, Toronto

Computers cost a lot of money. Your PC is an investment, so it makes sense to get the most out of it. Keeping your hardware running for a few more years will be good for your wallet and your sanity. Here are six things you can do to keep your computer in good shape and […]

Choosing an Office Wi-Fi Router

Best Wi-Fi Router Provider in Toronto

Every IT support professional needs to know how to choose a router for the office. But that doesn’t mean you need to be an IT expert to pick a good router for your office. So how do you make your choice? There is mesh and 5G, and the terms wireless G, N, and AC are […]

How to Minimize Wi-Fi Hiccups

Minimize Wi-Fi Hiccups

Without a Wi-Fi connection, it is impossible to function in today’s world. To do their job and keep their customers happy, businesses want dependable, quick, and secure internet. But what should you do if you run into problems with your WiFi connection? These alterations should be sufficient to solve the problem! Wi-Fi Range Restrictions Wi-Fi […]

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