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What is IT Assessment?

An Information Technology or simply called an IT Assessment can give insight into your current IT state and how you can improve. In detail, the IT assessment program analyzes your infrastructure and workflow to guide you in several areas related to IT and cybersecurity. Generally, TASProvider’s IT assessment in Richmond Hill, Toronto services gives you access to the expertise you need to ensure that your infrastructure, applications, processes, and projects align with your business goals. Additionally, we can guide you through our knowledge of the technology landscape. Indeed, in order for an IT assessment test to be completed, an IT consultant will have full access to your company networks, your IT facilities, and other related data.

Main areas that are inspected during an IT operation assessment include:

  • System/Data Security
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Technology Management
  • Network software
  • IT security and administrative assessment
  • Network Design
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Data Storage facilities

With TASProvider's IT Needs Assessment Services, You Can

  • Consider a health check of your IT as a whole or specific area.
  • Your infrastructure and applications should not cause problems and meet your business needs.
  • Identify any key areas for improvement in your organization’s structure and processes.

Why TASProvider?

Of course, no matter how big or little, our IT assessments assist organizations in better understanding their present IT infrastructure so they can offer the best possible service to their clients! The following are a few services we provide:

IT Organizational Reviews

To determine whether any changes are necessary to improve your company’s performance, we will specifically evaluate the IT staff’s competencies and the current organizational structure against business requirements.

IT Process and Risk Reviews

We will look into your company’s current IT policies, procedures, and operational guidelines to gain a better understanding of where they may be enhanced, how high your overall level of risk is, and how to reduce it.

Infrastructure Assessments

In detail, in our assessment, we will review all your organization’s technology platforms (SAN, servers, VMs, network, PCs, email, facilities, phones, and others) and assess backup processes and technology. Once the infrastructure assessment is complete, we will provide a Gap Analysis report with recommendations for improving your infrastructure and processes to achieve a Target State.

Application Assessments

Moreover, we can conduct a fitness assessment to evaluate how your application fits current and future business needs and technical requirements. Also, we perform separate assessments on each application in a portfolio when assessing application portfolios. Subsequently, the quality review involves looking closely at the application’s code to determine what works well and what should be replaced.

Disaster Recovery Reviews

Overall, to ensure your systems and data are protected in a disaster, we can help you develop an IT Disaster Recovery plan or test and improve an existing one. In fact, TASProvider in Richmond Hill, Toronto, would start by defining the scope of the disaster recovery plan test, running it, identifying any gaps, and developing plans to close them.

Security Reviews

We’ll look at how the right security measures are built into your technology environment, and if we find any flaws, we’ll let you know. To ensure that the best practices are applied, we will make suggestions. If a company’s data is stolen, it could lose a lot of money, so it should keep it safe. Your business will retain data that could help if you do a thorough security review.

Project Reviews

Obviously, initiating and finishing IT projects successfully can be difficult. However, we examine your projects, track their development to make sure they’re headed in the right direction, and make suggestions for improvement.

IT Budget Reviews

Our IT assessments help companies of all sizes comprehend their IT infrastructure and deliver optimal customer support. A few things we do are as follows:

Basic Assessment

$ 900 One Time
  • It takes about one hour in total and needs to have the dental owner be available the whole time. We will provide all our recommendations at the end of the assessment. We will wave our $900 fee if you sign up with any of our subscription service(s)

Full Assessment

$ 2000 One Time
  • It takes about 30 minutes per PC, 1 hour per server, 1 hour for the network. As an example, if you have 5 PC and one server it takes about four and half hours. You will get a written report including 30 minutes assessment meeting to describe and answer all the questions. Wave your $2000 fee by subscribing to two or more of our monthly services.

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IT Environment Assessment

While on-site, our engineers will observe equipment that may fail or has failed and not been detected by your current IT provider for several reasons. In addition, environmental issues, such as equipment not being correctly mounted, are discovered during the IT Assessment. Together with the help of the IT Assessment Program and end report, plans are suggested to mitigate such issues from security threats or hardware failures, resulting in business processes being stopped or degraded.

Subsequently, we have observed more than once, observing the hardware of a firewall dangling by wires and water-filled sprinkler heads mounted directly above IT equipment. In fact, these problems can become more severe and create downtime for your business. Accordingly, we can communicate and, in some cases, resolve them with a separate service call.

What Are the Benefits of IT Assessments?

Has your business expanded in the last few years, and are you facing new IT challenges? Surprisingly, the news mentions cyber security threats every day. As a matter of fact, according to a survey in Statista, 30 percent of surveyed organizations in Canada said they were victims of 11 to 20 cyber security attacks during the 12 months.

Indeed, every year businesses spend millions of dollars upgrading, repairing, and optimizing their IT plans. An IT Assessment can give you a sense of understanding of your current IT condition and how you can improve.

Also, IT assessments are not just about suggesting the best hardware or picking out antivirus software for your company. In fact, they analyze your framework and workflow to guide you in several areas related to IT and cybersecurity. Furthermore, IT assessments can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Reduce Risk

As a result of security reviews and technology assessments, you will be able to identify any vulnerabilities and determine what actions you need to take.

  • Improved Apps and Infrastructure

You’ll obtain action items for replacing, upgrading, or modernizing existing tools with assessments.

  • Gain Efficiencies

Undeniably, assessments of the organization’s structure can lead to more productive team structures.

  • Accelerate Projects

Specifically, your teams can overcome obstacles with the help of project evaluations.

  • Save Money

At any rate, an IT budget review might help you save money.

  • Disaster Recovery That Works

In brief, disaster recovery testing ensures that your company can recover if the worst happens.

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