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What Are Managed IT Solutions?

In general, managed IT solutions refers to the monitoring and administering of a company’s information technology systems, including hardware, software, and networks. Particularly information systems management is concerned with making information systems operate effectively. At the same time, it’s also about helping people work more effectively.

Basically, in a fully managed IT Solution, the managed IT solutions provider is responsible for the IT service and equipment performance. Additionally, the customer typically pays a monthly fee for managed IT services. Generally, there are various IT management solutions. However, our duty is to transfer the responsibility of IT solution management from the client to the IT solution manager. In fact, in a successful managed services relationship, customers profit from affordable costs and can concentrate on their business instead of IT management problems.

What Are Managed IT Solutions in the IT Industry?

Managed IT solutions are services handled by third parties, often within the context of IT business management solutions. As a matter of fact, outsourcing general tasks to an expert can lower costs, improve service quality, or free up your in-house teams to focus on business-specific tasks. Accordingly, the global managed services market was valued at 161.37 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Meanwhile, it’s the largest market in North America, while the fastest growing market is the Asia Pacific. Overall, the global managed services market is expected to exceed 300 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

Why TASProvider's Managed IT Solutions?

Particularly, here are four main elements of our approach:

Monitor in Managed IT Solutions

Its objective is to guarantee your business’s continuous operation. In fact, it collects data that indicates how well the software is performing.

Protect in Managed IT Solutions

More specifically, it will guard against possible attacks on business-critical systems and sensitive corporate data.

Manage in Managed IT Solutions

Overall, it manages lines of business applications, licensing, hardware procurement, and much more.

Deliver in Managed IT Solutions

In either case, it would leverage technology to fulfill the ambitions and goals of your business while providing first-rate customer service.


$50 Setup Fee
$ 19.99 Monthly
  • Charge based on the number of forms
  • 50$ Setup fee will be waived if you purchase 3 or more SmartForms


$ 349 Monthly
  • Secure host including wildcard SSL Certificated for CMS and website Backup for website and CMS (it will increase based on your data growth) Virtual Server for QuickBooks including backup and secure VPN line CMS maintenance and support

What Are SmartForms?

Smart forms are a type of electronic forms that can be found using QR codes and links to websites. So, they are very helpful in the healthcare system because you can safely get important patient information while saving a lot of money. For instance, you can increase your clinic’s profits and patient satisfaction by not having to purchase a printer, pen, or ink.

Benefits of SmartForms

Very User Friendly & Accessible

Patients can fill out every form quickly and efficiently due to intuitive forms. Furthermore, you will be able to get access to your form by using either a link to a website or a QR code.

Patient Interaction Will Be Automated

Patients will be able to register independently for your clinic without having to disturb the front desk staff; hence it would make your business more efficient and automatic.

Greatly Customizable

The forms are very flexible, so they can be changed to fit the needs and requirements of your business. You can add or change any information at any time.


Undeniably, there will be a significant reduction in the number of mistakes humans may have caused. Also, your passworded information on your patients will be more secure since only you will have access to it.


Going paperless reduces the effects of climate change on forests, the amount of trash that ends up in landfills, the amount of energy that is used, and the amount of trash that ends up in landfills.

Major Cost Savings

Online SmartForms are profitable within the percentage of 97% compared to paper forms since you are not using paper, ink, and printers. Furthermore, it can reduce the amount of expenses.

Space Savings

When you remove all of the paper from your workplace, indeed, you will be astounded by the amount of additional space created, not to mention how much easier your life will become.

Secured & Backed-up Patient Information

Surprisingly, a paperless method protects your and your client’s critical information much more. In fact, many banking-level security measures secure your papers. Meanwhile, all data is accessible to all employees in a paper-based workplace.

How Does SmartForms Work?

Generally speaking, you can select from one of our generic templates or send us a printed copy of the form you want to turn into a digital version. The digital version will be ready for your business in a few days.

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Tired of Your Technology Not Working?

Without a doubt, TASProvider’s managed IT solution team is available 24/7.

In addition, it provides quick, secure, and reliable IT support services focused on relieving your IT challenges and assessing, improving, and managing your existing infrastructure to enable business transformation and growth.

Even if you don’t have any IT assessment or the sole IT person on your team, we’re here to ensure your employee that your technology runs smoothly so your business can be as productive as possible.

In fact, TASProvider is here to reduce the burden of your day-to-day IT operations and management with our seasoned staff. To summarize, we offer end-user support by monitoring and managing your servers, desktops, and other devices. Our Managed IT Solutions Services in Richmond Hill, Toronto, include:

  • Software Support
  • Business Continuity
  • Hardware Configuration & Disaster Recovery
  • Network Monitoring
  • Remote Management & Monitoring
  • Full-Service Help Desk
  • On-Site Field Engineering Services

Benefits of Managed IT Solutions

Turning to a trusted provider brings you additional benefits, such as Predictable & Scalable Spending (OPEX)

Expertise and Experience

Proactive Monitoring & Issue Fixing

Data Compliance Support

Cyber Security Support

One Point of Contact to Vendors

Cut Time to Market

Faster Response Time

Reduce Risk

Avoid Sunk & Operational Costs

In addition to delivering customized enterprise solutions and services to meet the organization’s business objectives, TASProvider allows organizations to concentrate on their core competencies. Moreover, our highly experienced professionals can help design, develop, and enhance solutions by addressing a diverse range of critical enterprise issues that enable large enterprises to handle business complexity easily and help them concentrate more on strategy and growth.

Our Approach

In order to move forward, it is necessary to understand where your current environment stands. Unquestionably, our certified experts at TASProvider in Richmond Hill, Toronto, willingly help you and your team assess where you are and determine your next steps.

By all means, TASProvider provides the best IT management solutions. Indeed, our company helps you to prevent significant outages, protect your data and desktops to reduce downtime and increase security, manage your applications, and implement business continuity and disaster recovery, protecting your most crucial business asset.

How We Do It

  • Discuss your current IT business challenges and goals
  • Assess the existing IT environment
  • Provide a plan with a timeline that fits your budget
  • Respond to your requests promptly with the most effective solution

The Best Managed IT Solution near Me

If you are looking for an all-in-one managed IT solution in Richmond Hill, Toronto, get in touch with us today at TASProvider!

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We offer an extensive range of managed IT services, computer support, network support, software development, network cabling, remote desktop services, and much more – through a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

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