Without a Wi-Fi connection, it is impossible to function in today’s world. To do their job and keep their customers happy, businesses want dependable, quick, and secure internet. But what should you do if you run into problems with your WiFi connection? These alterations should be sufficient to solve the problem!

Wi-Fi Range Restrictions

Wi-Fi is able to function because of radio waves, which are sent out from a central hub (often a piece of hardware known as a router) to reach all feasible locations. In order to prevent a poor signal from occurring in your office, ensure the following things:

  • Your network router is situated in a strategic area within your facility rather than being hidden away in the most remote part of the building.
  • In order to get the best possible signal spread, your Wi-Fi antennas are either completely horizontal or completely vertical.
  • It is important to be aware that interference can also cause Wi-Fi range limitations; thus, if your workplace is densely populated, you should consider switching the channel on your router.

Slow Speed

Even if you have a very high-speed internet connection or fibre optic internet, you may still need better load times for a variety of reasons. You can get rid of this by doing the following:

  • Be sure that your router is in the same room as the endpoints you want to connect.
  • Increase the number of routers you have so that you can more easily support a large number of linked devices.
  • Put a stop to bandwidth-hogging services like Skype, Dropbox, YouTube, and Facebook by shutting them off.
  • You should turn off the power-saving option on your router.
  • In order to prevent bottlenecks in the network, create a new router channel.
Wi-Fi Hiccups

Wi-Fi Connection Difficulties

When the Wi-Fi network is visible on your device, but you are unable to connect to it, we are aware of how annoying this may be for you. However, these potential solutions are worth considering before you give up:

  • By using an Ethernet cable to connect your laptop directly to the router, you may find out whether the issue is with your wireless network connection or with your internet service overall. If you are able to establish a connection, the problem lies with your WiFi.
  • Paperclips or pens can reset your router by pressing and holding the reset button for about thirty seconds.
  • You should try restarting your device.

Wi-Fi Unstable Connection

There is a possibility that your WiFi connection might fail intermittently at random. If this has become a persistent annoyance at your workplace, you can try any of the short remedies listed below:

  • You should move your router to a new location or even a new room if the problem persists.
  • You should try to avoid having numerous routers in the same spot since doing so might cause your device to become confused.

Network Not Found

There is a possibility that your WiFi network will not display at all if the router develops a fault. The following are two potential remedies that might fix the issue:

  • Firstly, you should disconnect the router from its power supply and then wait at least a minute and a half before reconnecting it.
  • Performing a check to determine the age of your router; if it is more than three years old, you should consider replacing it.

These suggestions will assist you in avoiding significant downtime in the event that your Wi-Fi connection has problems. But if you’d prefer to have a specialized technology supplier, take care of your hardware requirements, feel free to contact us or give us a call, and TASProvider will be pleased to assist you in any way we can. Our managed IT solutions are based in Richmond Hill, Toronto.

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