Computers cost a lot of money. Your PC is an investment, so it makes sense to get the most out of it. Keeping your hardware running for a few more years will be good for your wallet and your sanity. Here are six things you can do to keep your computer in good shape and make it last longer.

Clean Your Computer Regularly

You hate dust and dirt more than anything. However, keeping your computer clean is one of the best ways to keep it running for a long time. Dust and pet hair can get stuck in the gears, making them not work correctly. Remember to clean your computer and cover it when you’re not using it so that dust and dirt don’t get into the parts inside.

Use canned air to clean fans, especially if there is dust on them. If fans get too dirty, they won’t move as fast and won’t be able to get rid of the heat from the computer. This will cause the computer to break down much sooner. Use screen cleaner to clean your screen, not window cleaner, because the ammonia in window cleaner will dull the screen. Also, eat or drink away from your computer for the same reasons. Serious effects can result from one mishap.

Keep Your Computer Cool

Heat also causes a lot of problems. Your graphics card and CPU can get so hot that they can cook. When the computer is running, it makes heat. When you add that to the room’s temperature, your computer has to work harder and move more slowly. Try to place your computer in a clean, cool room that doesn’t get too much sun. Make sure your PC has enough airflow, and don’t put anything in front of the fans. Again, clean your CPU fans to make sure they work well and move heat out of the computer. You can also add more fans to your PC or put your laptop on a cooling stand.

Don't Shut Down Your PC too Often

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As explained in the first entry about cleaning your computer, parts heat up when the system is running and cool down when it is off. The less often this happens, the longer your computer is likely to last. But you shouldn’t leave your computer on all the time either (servers excluded). General users should find a good balance between the two. Many choose to shut down their computers every other day or every two days to give them time to install updates and settle down.

In the same way, you should always shut down your computer by either using the Start menu or the Power button. Note that when you press the power button once (but don’t hold it down), most computers get the same signal as when you choose to shut down safely from the start menu. A forced shutdown is holding down the power button until your computer turns off. You should never do this unless the system won’t respond and you can’t shut it down normally.

Don't Move Your PC

It’s best not to move the computer while it’s running. If you have a laptop, move it around as much as you need. Be gentle. Too much movement can hurt the moving parts and cause problems down the road. Also, if you have a laptop, always hold it by the base and never by the screen. Finally, get a padded case for your laptop if you plan to travel with it.

Solid-State Drives Are an Affordable Way to Increase the Life of a Computer

Switching out the hard drive for a solid-state drive is one of the best ways to give a PC a new look and make it last longer. The price of the new solid-state drives is going down. They don’t move and run much cooler than regular disc drives. They will also make your computer start up faster, and you will notice that it generally works much faster.

Make Sure You Have Enough Memory & Hard Drive Space

Your RAM (random access memory, which is used by running programs) and hard drive (which stores things like videos, documents, and pictures) should be at the right levels for your needs. You probably got little memory or hard drive space if you got a good deal on a computer. You can easily add more memory to your computer, making it run faster and last longer.

As with any machine with many moving parts, if you take care of your PC regularly, you will get a lot more use out of it. In addition, by taking care of your PC and maintaining its hardware and software, you can make it last longer and avoid expensive repairs or even buying a new one. TASProvider in Richmond Hill, Ontario, can answer any questions you have. Just contact us today!

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